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Nite Tails

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Nite Tails

£16.99 £19.99
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£16.99 £19.99

Nite Tails A 25 shot 'horsetail effect' low noise firework.

Size = 125mm x 125mm x 125mm.


Approx. 30 seconds.

Vertical firing aerial barrage.


25 shots

8 metres

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Nite Tails by Absolute Fireworks

Nite Tails by Absolute Fireworks is a 25 shot aerial firework that produces a professional style effect called a Golden Horse Tail. If you look at the video you can see how it obtained this name. There is a growing demand for quieter fireworks and Nite Tails is a low noise firework with the only real noise being the 'thump' as the shots leave the tubes.  As well as being quite a quiet firework Nite Tails is also a very pretty firework, the golden stars cascade to produce a horse tail effect which will please those wanting fireworks that have a good display as well as those wanting low noise fireworks.

Nite Tails has a minimum viewing distance of 8m but does fire its stars up to a good height so it can be used either in a garden or as part of a larger display.

    • David & Sally's opinion - Impressive but quiet effect.
    • All golden stars.
    • Minimum viewing distance = 8m.