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Neverending Sky - Special Price

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Neverending Sky - Special Price

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Neverending Sky 264 shot single fuse multi-effect firework by Klasek Fireworks.

Size = 900mm x 320mm x 150mm


Approx. 3 minutes

Vertical & Fan firing compound firework


264 shots

25 metres

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Neverending Sky.

Neverending Sky a compound firework from Klasek is back in our range for 2023.  This giant 265 shot firework has 18 different effects fired either vertically or across the fan.  With a duration of approx, 3 minutes Neverending Sky quickly became a best seller.  It can be used as a single firework to mark an occasion or as a finale to a display.

  • David & Sally's opinion - Huge compound firework with a great variety of effects and a long duration.

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