Zeus Fireworks

Zeus Fireworks Mine Firework Pack

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Zeus Fireworks Mine Firework Pack

£42.00 £54.00
In Stock -
£42.00 £54.00

Mine Pack

Size = 11cm diameter x 30cm tall (each)


Approx. 5 secs. (each) 

Single shot mine barrages.


1 shot (each)

20 metres

- +

Mine Pack by Zeus Fireworks

The Mine Pack consists of the three mines in the Zeus Fireworks range and has been put together for lovers of this type of firework. Mines are different to the normal aerial barrage type of firework. Mines fire plumes of stars from ground level up to about 15m high and in the case of the Zeus mines produce bursts above that. Whereas a normal aerial barrage will have a duration of about one second per tube (hence a 25 shot aerial barrage could last about 25 seconds) the Zeus mine barrages fire all their effects simultaneously producing one large eruption of stars.

In the Mine Pack, we have included 1 x Havoc Mine, 1 x Chaos Mine, and 1 x Mayhem Mine.

  • David & Sally's opinion - Great high impact fireworks, quite different to normal aerial barrages.
  • Very loud but quite spectacular looking effects.
  • Minimum viewing distance = 20m.
  • Save by buying our assorted pack.

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