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King Marvelous Rocket Pack

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King Marvelous Rocket Pack

£99.99 £139.99
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£99.99 £139.99

4 King Rockets

Size: 80mm diameter (rocket head) x 1500mm length (including stick)


5 secs. approx. each

Display Rockets



25 metres

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4 King Marvelous rocket pack

4 King Marvellous is the somewhat whimsical name given by Brothers Pyrotechnics to their pack of four King Rockets. In this case, the naming was deliberate unlike the most famous mis-naming of a firework which was called 'The Same as Last Year' (the manufacturers in China had contacted the UK importer asking them what name they would like on their firework).

The King rocket is not cheap but it is by far the best performing rocket by Brothers Pyrotechnics and has built up quite a reputation in recent years as being one of the best rockets available in the UK. The effect the King rocket produces is the cascading golden shower of stars that you see at many professional firework displays. This is a great rocket to end your display with.

Our pack of King rockets is pyromeshed so you won't get in to hot water storing them until your display.

    • David & Sally's opinion - If you just want a large rocket to astound your friends then this is it!
    • One giant golden burst per rocket.
    • Pyromeshed packaging for safe storage.

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