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Magical Palms

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Magical Palms

£55.99 £69.99
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£55.99 £69.99

Magical Palms 36 shot large bore palm effect firework

Size = 220mm x 220mm x 220mm.


50 secs.

Vertical firing aerial barrage


36 shots

25 metres

- +

Magical Palms

Magical Palms is a 36 shot aerial firework by Brothers pyrotechnics. One of the most requested effects we get asked for in firework is the large Palm Tree shaped effect that people see at large public firework displays and magical Palms contains just that effect!

To add some variation to the display the stars at the end of the Palm leaves are different colours and the rate of firing increases towards the end of the display.

The tubes that the effects are fired from in Magical Palms are as large as in our largest fireworks so you are getting large bursts without having to spend a fortune.

    • David & Sally's opinion - Fireworks like this make our job so easy. We can't recall the number of times we've been asked for this effect and now all we have to do is say ' this is what you want'.
    • Good multi-shot finale sequence.
    • Different coloured Palm Effects.
    • Good duration - approx 50 seconds.


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