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£149.99 £169.99
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£149.99 £169.99

Legend Compound Firework by Zeus Fireworks.

Size = 570mm x 300mm x 200mm


Approx. 30 secs. 

Compound fan firing aerial barrage.


135 shots

25 metres

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Legend Compound Firework by Zeus Fireworks

The Legend by Zeus Fireworks is a Compound Firework.  It has several fireworks fused together, generally to create a longer lasting display, however, with Legend, the three fireworks that make this display up fire simultaneously. The result of the three fireworks in Legend firing simultaneously is probably the most impressive and intense display from any consumer firework available, albeit quite quick.

If you want a long-lasting firework then Legend is not for you, but if you want probably the most impressive firework you can buy, why not try it.

Legend is made up of three 45 shot barrages and fires in approximately 30 seconds!

    • David & Sally's opinion - Incredibly impressive consumer firework.
    • 135 shots fired rapidly.
    • Minimum viewing distance = 25m.
    • High impact display.

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