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Kronos Fountain

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Kronos Fountain

£7.99 £8.99
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£7.99 £8.99

Kronos fountain by Absolute Fireworks

Size = 125mm diameter x 150mm tall.


Approx. 90 seconds.




8 metres

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Kronos Fountain Firework

Kronos is a garden fountain (minimum viewing distance = 8m) from Absolute Fireworks. The duration of Kronos is around a minute and a half and during that time there are six changes of effect. The colours in Kronos are particularly strong and vibrant. There are some crackles as part of the display but the overall effect from this firework is quiet and pretty rather than noisy.

Kronos would make an ideal addition to any garden firework party and will appeal to those who prefer pretty fireworks. The display does not go very high (about 2m at its maximum), this combined with its long duration makes it more suitable for younger children to watch.

    • David & Sally's opinion - Look out for the beautiful colours. Great long duration low level garden firework
    • Colours and sparks lasting 90 seconds.
    • A garden firework - minimum viewing distance = 8m.
    • Quiet but impressive firework.

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