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Klasek Dragon Army 49 shot

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Klasek Dragon Army 49 shot

£29.99 £39.99
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£29.99 £39.99

Klasek Dragon Army 49 shot.

Size = 175mm x 175mm x 120mm


Approx. 45 seconds.

Vertical firing aerial barrage.


49 shots

25 metres

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Klasek Dragon Army 49 shot.

Dragon Army by Klasek Pyrotechnics is a superb 49 shot mixed effects barrage. Dragon Army fires seven different effects and it fires seven of each of those effects, hence a 49 shot firework. Each of the batches of seven shots is different so in effect, Dragon Army is a mini single ignition style firework, particularly as it fires the last seven shots in rapid succession for a finale effect.

  • David & Sally's opinion - Dragon Army can be used either as a finale for a small firework display, or on its own for a small celebratory event.
  • Lasts around 45 seconds.
  • 49 shots with a great variety of colours and effects.