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The King Rocket Reborn x 15

£349.99 £494.85
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The King Rocket Reborn x 15

£349.99 £494.85
In Stock -
£349.99 £494.85

Giant King rocket  by Brothers Pyrotechnics. *Free standard delivery to most UK postcodes - check for exceptions. A Bulk Pack of 15 rockets in a Pyromesh carton.

Size = 70mm (diameter) x 1510mm (including stick) each.


Approx. 5 secs. each. 




25 metres

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The King Rocket Reborn by Brothers Pyrotechnics

This is a bulk pack of our very popular 'King' rocket and contains 15 of them. It comes in a Pyromesh carton so you won't have issues with storing these powerful fireworks.

There have been many copies of the King Rocket but this is the original King Rocket by Brothers Pyrotechnics. The effect from the King Rocket is a single huge canopy of golden stars. Obviously, there is a loud bang when the rocket breaks but this is at high altitude so tends not to be an issue. The King Rocket is the largest rocket we sell and is a display rocket with a minimum viewing distance of 25m and you will need plenty of space for the stick to land in.

    • David & Sally's opinion - If you want the largest burst rocket then this is it, often imitated but never equalled.
    • Special price 'Bulk Pack'.

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