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Jester Flash Rocket Pack (Bulk Pack of 12 Packs of 5)

£109.99 £179.88
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Jester Flash Rocket Pack (Bulk Pack of 12 Packs of 5)

£109.99 £179.88
In Stock -
£109.99 £179.88

12 Packs of 5 Jester Flash Rockets = 60 rocket

Size per rocket 555mm x 20mm. All sizes include stick and diameter of rocket head.


Approx. 5 seconds each




8 metres

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Jester Flash Rocket Pack. (Bulk Pack - contains 12 packs of 5 = 60 rockets)

Jester Rockets by Standard Fireworks. They are flash rockets so to a certain extent, you can ignore how big the rocket heads are because it's what's inside them that counts rather than how big they are.

The Jester Rocket Pack contains a total of 5 flash rockets. It is the flash powder that they contain that gives these rockets their outstanding performance for their size. The video will give you an idea that these rockets don't just go with a pop and send out a few stars but in reality, we think these are one of the best value for money rockets on the market.

This is our Bulk Pack and contains a total of 60 rockets.

    • David & Sally's opinion - One of our favourite rockets and they far outperform other rockets that look much bigger.
    • Bulk pack means exceptional value
    • Minimum viewing distance = 8m.