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100 shot Insane & Warpath Twin Pack

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100 shot Insane & Warpath Twin Pack

£139.98 £199.98
In Stock -
£139.98 £199.98

Insane & Warpath 100 shot Aerial Barrages.

Size = 310mm x 250mm x 175mm


Approx. 30 seconds each.

Vertical & Fan firing aerial barrages.


100 shots each

25 metres

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Insane & Warpath 100 shot Barrages by Brothers Pyrotechnics.

Insane is a new 100 shot barrage by Brothers Pyrotechnics and the name does describe the finale well. Normally we would expect about a minute duration from a 100 shot firework of this size but Insane increases its rate of firing towards the end of the display, producing a dazzling finale. Short, sharp and spectacular, Insane is an intense display from beginning to end, incorporating several different effects, including crackles, flashes and brilliant red bursts, fired both vertically and in a fan shape spanning the sky.

Warpath is a rapid-firing 100 shot vertical and fan effect aerial barrage. The duration of Warpath is around 30 seconds so this is an ideal finale display item. For large displays, we'd suggest having two or three firing simultaneously. Beginning as several swift, vertical shots and crackles, Warpath quickly develops into a fan of large golden bursts, exploding across the sky, before concluding impressively with a salvo of quick, thrilling blasts.

David & Sally's opinion:

  • Fantastic finale fireworks and a big saving with our twin pack deal.
  • A Rapid rate of firing for the finale.
  • Minimum viewing distance = 25m.


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