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Hobgoblin A novelty effect garden fountain firework.

Size = 220mm x 220mm x 140mm.


85 seconds (approx.)

Garden fountain.



8 metres

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Hobgoblin by Black Cat Fireworks

Hobgoblin is the latest and largest of the novelty fountain fireworks to come from the Black Cat Fireworks stable. If you have purchased the incredibly popular Skull Fountain by Black Cat Fireworks in recent years you will see the similarity in the design. Hobgoblin though is a larger and longer lasting version of the Skull Fountain.

Hobgoblin lasts for nearly a minute and a half and has a wide range of colours and effects including silver and gold chrysanthemum with red and green sparkling stars, silver fountain with green starlets, red, green and sparkling crackle with glittering flower and for the finale the eyes and mouth light up.

    • David & Sally's opinion - A great novelty item, ideal for the younger ones (and young at heart) although the crackles are quite loud and the eyes and mouth lighting up at the end are great!
    • Lasts nearly one and a half minutes with a height upto 5m.
    • Eyes and mouth light up at the end of the display.
    • Minimum viewing distance = 8m.

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