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Hand held Indoor Ice Fountains (x 2)

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Hand held Indoor Ice Fountains (x 2)

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Hand held Indoor Ice Fountains

Size = 12mm x 125mm.


60 secs. (each) aprox.

Indoor fireworks.




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Hand held indoor Ice Fountains

It has been a long time since we have had fireworks that you can hold in your hand apart from sparklers available in the UK. We have had the ice fountain fireworks available for a few years now and these quite impressive indoor fountains have had a spike on them for you to put in to i.e. a birthday cake. This new variety of ice fountain has a small handle built in to the base of the firework enabling you to hold it in your hand. Indoor fireworks have a bit of a reputation for being poor but not these handheld ice fountains. They will produce a stream of sparks about 12" and have a duration of approximately one minute.

  • A great novelty item.
  • Can be used indoor.
  • Easy to light
  • Good duration.
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