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Absolute Fireworks Fusion Point

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Absolute Fireworks Fusion Point

£64.99 £74.98
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£64.99 £74.98

Fusion Point by Absolute Fireworks.

Size = 280mm x 240mm x 180mm.


Approx. 55 seconds.

Vertical firing barrage.


71 shots

25 metres

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Fusion Point vertical firing, large aerial barrage by Absolute Fireworks

Fusion Point is a new 71 shot vertical firing aerial barrage by Absolute Fireworks. There are so many things about Fusion Point that we like; first of all it is a vertical firing aerial barrage, which is important if you don't have a particularly wide firing area, then there are the colours; we do like the green ascending stars that change to purple stars and the gold cascading brocade bursts with little blue stars amongst them. The flurry of whistles half way through the display comes as a bit of a surprise and the finale burst of crackling stars are different from the normal crackling flower bursts many fireworks feature.

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Fusion Point does have a minimum viewing distance of 25m and a duration just under a minute.

    • David & Sally's opinion - Fusion Point contains lovely colours, unusual effects and is a large firework that can be used at narrower display venues.
    • Minimum viewing distance = 25m
    • 71 shots fired from large tubes over 55 seconds.

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