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Fishes and Seahorses

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Fishes and Seahorses

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Fishes and Seahorses A 30 shot low noise firework.

Size = 180mm x 150mm x 150mm


Approx. 45 seconds.

Vertical firing aerial barrage.


30 shots

8 metres

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Fishes and Seahorses Low Noise Firework

Fishes and Seahorses is a 30 shot low noise firework by Jonathan's Fireworks. We are getting more and more requests for lower noise fireworks but the problem with many of them is that they can be a bit boring. Fishes and Seahorses produces three different low noise effects and fires them at a reasonable pace so that there is always something in the sky.

Fishes and Seahorses fires crackling tail stars that burst into wriggling silver stars amongst blue stars, then silver strobing stars and finally cascading gold stars over a 45 second period.

    • David & Sally's opinion - Low noise but plenty of action and changes of effect.
    • Good variety of effects for a quieter firework.
    • Minimum viewing distance = 8m.

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