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Fish & Chips

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Fish & Chips

£22.50 £24.99
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£22.50 £24.99

Fish and Chips 25 shot by Jonathan's Fireworks. Low noise aerial barrage.

Size = 125mm x 125mm x 150mm


Approx. 35 seconds.

Vertical firing aerial barrage.


25 shots

8 metres

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Fish and Chips 25 shot low noise firework by Jonathan's Fireworks

Fish and Chips by Jonathan's Fireworks is a 25 shot aerial firework where the emphasis is on creating a low noise but still entertaining display. Fish and Chips fires a mixture of silver fish stars that wriggle about amongst blue stars and large silver, spinning spirals.

We choose our 'quieter' fireworks very carefully as some can, to be honest, be quite boring but Fish and Chips from Jonathan's Fireworks produces a mid-aerial display that will please ardent firework lovers as well as those wanting a quiet firework.

  • David & Sally's opinion - Lots of action and yet very little noise..
  • Lovely combination of two quiet firework effects.
  • Minimum viewing distance = 8m.

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