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£114.99 £149.99
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£114.99 £149.99

Firestorm 134 shot A single light firework display in a box.

Size = 340mm x 290mm x 150mm


Approx. 55 secs.

Vertical & fan firing aerial barrage.


134 shots

25 metres

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Firestorm 134 shot Display in a Box by Jonathan's Fireworks

Firestorm is a 134 shot single ignition firework by Jonathan's Fireworks with a duration of just under a minute.

Firestorm starts off with vertically fired shellbursts, it then proceeds to a rapidly fired 'V' formation sequence before continuing with salvos of fan shaped bursts. There is a false finale with Firestorm which is nice as just when you thought it was over there is another burst of stars.

Firestorm would make a great finale firework for a display or is an ideal firework for a short spectacular display at New Year.

    • David & Sally's opinion - Another firework where you shouldn't be fooled by the size of the box; Firestorm is one of the most impressive single light fireworks at this price.
    • Various firing patterns
    • Minimum viewing distance = 25m.

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