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Fiesta Selection Box

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Fiesta Selection Box

£39.99 £41.24
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£39.99 £41.24

Fiesta Firework Selection Box by Jonathan's Fireworks. A garden display assortment.

Size = 254mm x 460mm x 90mm (box)


Approx. 10 mins when lit one after another.

Garden firework assortment.



8 metres

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Fiesta Firework Selection Box by Jonathan'sFireworks

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The Fiesta Firework Selection Box by Jonathan's Fireworks is aimed at those wanting a small selection of good performing fireworks for their back garden firework party. There are 12 fireworks in the Fiesta firework assortment but as with all Jonathan's Fireworks boxes they are considerably larger and better than you would find in a lot of boxes at the same price.  There is a little bit of everything in the Fiesta box, you get a couple of rockets, some good long lasting fountains and multi-shot cakes the size of which you never normally see in a box of this size.

Contents: 12 fireworks consisting of

2 x Rockets

2 x 8 Shot Candles

1 x Wheel

1 x 15 shot cake

1 x 7 shot cake

1 x Enchanted Forest (35 seconds)

1 x Killer Bee

1 x Nukes Of Hazard (50 seconds)

1 x Twinkling Star (35 seconds)

1 x 70 Shot Candle

A great assortment of larger garden fireworks (minimum viewing distance = 8m) for a family firework party.

    • David & Sally's opinion - Contains fireworks only usually in much larger assortments.
    • A small number of larger fireworks.
    • Minimum viewing distance = 8m.

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