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Fiesta 37 shot

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Fiesta 37 shot

£49.99 £70.00
In Stock -
£49.99 £70.00

Fiesta - 37 shot vertical & fan firing single ignition firework.

Size = 335mm x 255mm x 255mm.


Approx. 45 seconds.

Vertical & Fan firing aerial barrage.


37 shots

25 metres

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Fiesta by Black Cat Fireworks


Fiesta is a 37 shot aerial barrage made by Black Cat Fireworks. Fiesta has big, beautiful bursts that fill the sky with it's mid and high-level display.  With vertical and fan firing effects of brocade king, silver and purple palms, red umbrella effect and white glitter and it's impressive red, blue chrysanthemum and crackle finale it will delight your audience.


    • David & Sally's opinion - Big, beautiful bursts.
    • Vertical and Fan fired effects.
    • Minimum viewing distance = 25m.

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