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Fast and Furious Compound Firework

£129.99 £159.98
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Fast and Furious Compound Firework

£129.99 £159.98
In Stock -
£129.99 £159.98

Fast and Furious (Ascension) Compound Firework. Three fireworks pre-fused together so you only have to light one fuse for a complete display.

Size = 605mm x 450mm x 170mm


120 seconds (approx.)

Verical & fan firing aerial barrage.


210 shots.

25 metres

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Fast and Furious by Black Cat Fireworks

(Filmed at a recent party)

Fast and Furious is the new name for Black Cat's Ascension Compound Firework. Fast and Furious is the compounded Trident Barrage pack fused together for easy firing - only one fuse! For years we have been telling Black Cat Fireworks to join together the fuses of the three fireworks in their Trident pack to make one long-lasting firework display and finally, they have done it!

We have always been impressed with the fireworks from the Trident pack as they have out-performed other manufacturers fireworks costing far more money, so the joining of the three fireworks fuses to make the Fast and Furious display kit now gives you a firework with spectacular effects, just one fuse to light, a duration around two and a half minutes but at about half the price of comparable fireworks.

The fuses linking the three fireworks of Fast and Furious together have been speeded up which is why they have renamed Ascension so it is now even better.

    • David & Sally's opinion - At last the firework we have been asking Black Cat to make for the last 2 years. We had one of these recently for a family party, got a round of applause at the end!
    • Just light one fuse for a 2 minute display.
    • Minimum viewing distance = 25m.

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