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Exorcise Your Demons

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Exorcise Your Demons

£299.99 £449.99
In Stock -
£299.99 £449.99

Exorcise Your Demons by Brothers Pyrotechnics. *Free standard delivery to most UK postcodes - check for exceptions. A Compound Firework made up of 4 fireworks - just light one fuse.

Size = 1110mm x 390mm x 225mm


Approx. 2 Mins.

Vertical & Fan firing aerial barrage.


292 shots

25 metres

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Exorcise Your Demons by Brothers Pyrotechnics

Exorcise Your Demons by Brothers Pyrotechnics is a 292 shot compound firework made up of four individual fireworks pre-fused together so you only have to light one fuse for this two-minute display.

Beginning with a rapid salvo of bursts, Exorcise Your Demons carries on to deliver both vertical and fan-shaped shots with some nice crackling effects, punctuated by a series of whistles towards the latter half of the display. It contains classic red and green throughout, finishing strongly with some large golden chrysanthemum bursts.

Exorcise Your Demons is a large, loud firework, and is sure to impress every time!

If you wish to collect an Exorcise Your Demons from our store please let us know in advance to save you having to wait as they take about 30mins to get them from our store.

    • David & Sally's opinion 
    • A big compound firework with 4 fireworks fused together.
    • Minimum viewing distance = 25m.

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