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Excelsior Single Ignition x 2 Multi-Buy

£180.00 £259.98
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Excelsior Single Ignition x 2 Multi-Buy

£180.00 £259.98
In Stock -
£180.00 £259.98

2 x Excelsior 186 shot single ignition (single fuse) compound firework

Size = 507mm x 364mm x 215mm each


Approx. 107 seconds each.

Vertical & fan firing single ignition


186 shots each

8 metres

- +

2 x Excelsior Single Ignition Firework

This is a multi-buy special for our new compound firework Excelsior.

You get two of these firework displays in a box for £180. Our normal price for two would be £199.96

Each display lasts around 2 minutes and this multi-buy deal is so that you can set up and fire both together for even more of a dramatic finale.

    • David & Sally's opinion - We think that Excelsior is one of the best new fireworks first introduced in 2016. The 8m minimum viewing distance makes it suitable for lots of people. The fact that the four fireworks are fixed to a board and the fuses already linked together for you makes this an easy firework to set up and fire.
    • Duration around 2 minutes.
    • Made by Black cat Fireworks so you are sure of lots of different colours and effects compared to many other fireworks, plus there are quieter sections to the display as well.

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