Vulcan/Shogun (Inter Oriental Fireworks)

Diablo Finale Firework

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Diablo Finale Firework

£249.99 £300.00
In Stock -
£249.99 £300.00

Diablo by Vulcan Pyrotechnics.

Size = 460mm x 380mm x 295mm


Approx. 40 seconds

Compound vertical firing aerial barrage.


100 shots

25 metres

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Diablo Finale Firework by Vulcan Pyrotechnics


Wow! 120 giant bursts fired in under 40 seconds! Diable is a special firework and would be ideal for use in a large display. There is just so much going on in Diablo; whistling stars, big colourful bursts, mine lift stars that burst from the tubes, and a high-level canopy of coloured stars.


  • David & Sally's opinion - Probably the most impressive effects you'll see ina firework, a great finale piece.
  • 100 large shots fired in approximately 40 seconds.
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