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Zeus Fireworks 13" Crazy Cone

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Zeus Fireworks 13" Crazy Cone

£17.50 £20.00
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£17.50 £20.00

Crazy Cone by Zeus Fireworks. A 13" tall cone fountain with 400g of powder.

Size = 330mm tall x 100mm diameter base.


Approx. 70 secs.




25 metres

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13" Crazy Cone Fountain by Zeus Fireworks

We like cone fountains and Crazy Cone by Zeus Fireworks is a 13" tall cone fountain packed with 400g of powder. Crazy Cone starts off like most cone fountains but after a while, introduces coloured stars and then plenty of crackles. It is the crackling effect that makes Crazy Cone stand out from other fountains, along with a duration of well over a minute.

Crazy Cone is a powerful fountain and hence has a minimum viewing distance of 25m.

    • David & Sally's opinion - a great, powerful fountain with an enormous spread of crackling stars.
    • Duration over 1 minute.
    • Minimum viewing distance = 25m.

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