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After Dark & Free War on Mars

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After Dark & Free War on Mars

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After Dark 30 shot and War On Mars 25 shot aerial barrages.

Size = 290mm x 160mm x 130mm and 190mm x 130mm x 150mm


Approx. 30 seconds and 20 seconds .

Vertical firing aerial barrages


30 shots and 25 shots

8 metres

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After Dark & Free War On Mars by Standard Fireworks.  

Buy After Dark by Standard Fireworks and War on Mars FREE.  

After Dark is a 30 shot barrage by Standard Fireworks. After Dark features a stunning variety of effects sure to wow your audience. After Dark includes silver fish and white glitter comets with blue tails to blue comets & white glitter, brocade crackle with blue tails, gold willow & blue stars and finally a glorious finale of chrysanthemum mines and bursts.  With After Dark comes War on Mar FREE, which is a 25 shot barrrage containing a variety of effects that finishes with a red, crackling finale.

David & Sally's opinion:

  • Great value with our Buy 1 get 1 FREE.
  • Good variety of effects over the 2 fireworks.
  • Minimum viewing distance = 8m.
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