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Cobra Tail.

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Cobra Tail.

£9.99 £11.99
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£9.99 £11.99

Cobra tail. A Chinese Firecracker style firework.

Size = 1248mm long x 80mm


Approx. 30 seconds.

Chinese Cracker Style fountain.



8 metres

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Cobra Tail by Black Cat Fireworks

Chinese Firecrackers have always been popular for celebrating such events as Chinese New Year. Unfortunately, changes in firework regulations several years ago removed them for the list of fireworks that we are allowed to sell to the general public. Therefore firework manufacturers sought to produce a Chine Firecracker style firework that would be safe for the general public to use. The end result was what has become known as a Chinese Cracker firework, you would think that would be the end of the story but unfortunately, the company in the UK that imported this type of firework ceased trading and we have been urging our other suppliers to fill this gap in the UK market.

Black Cat Fireworks a part of a large Chinese company has stepped up to the mark and have introduced Cobra Tail. Cobra Tail is over 1 metre long and is designed to be hung from a post.

Cobra Tail lasts for around 30 seconds and produces a constant barrage of crackling noise. The minimum viewing distance of Black Cat's Cobra Tail is 8m so it is suitable for most back garden celebrations.

    • David & Sally's opinion - At last a supplier of the Chinese Firecracker style firework.
    • Unusual novelty crackling firework.
    • Ideal for Chinese New Year.
    • Minimum viewing distance = 8m.

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