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Breakout Firework

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Breakout Firework

£24.99 £29.99
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£24.99 £29.99

Breakout 49 shot mine lift cake.

Size = 175mm x 175mm x 150mm.


Approx. 45 seconds.

Vertical firing aerial barrage.


49 shots

8 metres

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Breakout Firework by Absolute Fireworks

Breakout, a 49 shot firework introduced in 2016 by Absolute Fireworks.Breakout features a wide variety of colours including Blue, Reds, Greens, Silver Glitter, Dragon Eggs and all accompanied by Silver Glitter lift mines with each shot. The mine lifts are cones of stars fired from the fireworks tubes, the end result is a multi-level display with stars bursting from ground level up to around 10m/30ft and then higher level aerial starbursts.

Breakout is one of the new CE European tested fireworks and is classified as a garden firework (minimum viewing distance = 8m) so you can now create professional looking effects in your back garden.

Whilst Breakout is categorised as a garden firework the quality and size of the effects wouldn't look out of place in a large display. The high-level effects produced by Breakout are also ideal for viewing at distances much greater than the 8m shown on the label.

    • David & Sally's opinion - We like these dual layer cakes where you get a burst of stars from ground level and then a few seconds later a high aerial starburst. The colours in the new Absolute Fireworks products are vivid and this is why they feature in our range.
    • Can be used in a garden (minimum viewing distance = 8m).
    • Good duration cake, lasting around 45 seconds.
    • Different style of effects to many similar sized products.

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