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Barrage Bag

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Barrage Bag

£99.99 £142.99
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£99.99 £142.99

Barrage Bag 11 assorted aerial fireworks

Size = Various


Approx. 5 to 6 mins. when lit one after another.

Vertical firing aerial barrages.


219 shots in total

8 metres

- +

Barrage Bag (contains 11 aerial fireworks)

This assortment of 11 aerial fireworks makes a great basis for a firework display. You can use this assortment on its own but we recommend adding some rockets and a finale firework; you then have an assortment good enough for a small organised display.

We are pleased to have this Barrage bag in our range; we used to have a very similar assortment called Benny's Take Away by Benwell Fireworks but unfortunately, they ceased trading and ever since then we have been looking for a replacement. This Barrage Bag is more than an equal to the old Benny's Take Away as it contains no duplicate fireworks and also no missile cake (so no little plastic missiles to pick up after the display).

1 x House Of Horror - 19 shots

1 x Awesome - 13 shots

1 x Depth Charge - 19 shots

1 x Fantasy Island - 25 shots

1 x Bermuda Sunset - 25 shots

1 x Stormy Sky - 25 shots

1 x Pirates Treasure - 25 shots

1 x Wizz Tastic - 12 shots

1 x Call Of The Wild - 16 shots

1 x Olympia - 15 shots

1 x Dragons Den - 25 shots

The minimum viewing distance for the fireworks in the Barrage Bag is 8m but remember if you are adding large rockets and a finale barrage to the pack your minimum viewing distance for the whole display would be 25m

    • David & Sally's opinion - Great basis for an organised display.
    • 11 different aerial fireworks.
    • Minimum viewing distance = 8m.

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