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Bangers and Flash

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Bangers and Flash

£19.99 £24.99
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£19.99 £24.99

Bangers and Flash 25 shot by Jonathan's Fireworks. Multi-level aerial barrage.

Size = 120mm x 120mm x 150mm


Approx. 25 seconds.

Vertical firing aerial barrage.


25 shots

8 metres

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Bangers and Flash 25 shot by Jonathan's Fireworks

Bangers and Flash by Jonathan's Fireworks is quite an exceptional firework for its size. Bangers and Flash produces a two-level display. You will see a lower level display of crackling stars in what is called a mine lift. A mine lift is a bouquet of stars fired from the tube of the firework up to about 30ft/10m. Through these mine lifts of stars, units are fired which then burst at a higher altitude. The overall effect in Bangers and Flash is a tower of colour and noise. The last few shots in Bangers and Flash are fired in rapid succession to create a finale of crackling stars.

Bangers and Flash is categorised as a garden firework and would make a fantastic finale without costing the earth if you have a box of small garden fireworks.

    • David & Sally's opinion - We couldn't believe the display contained in what is a smaller firework.
    • Low and high-level display fired simultaneously.
    • Minimum viewing distance = 8m.

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