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Aquarius Single Ignition Firework

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Aquarius Single Ignition Firework

£69.99 £100.00
In Stock -
£69.99 £100.00

Aquarius 90 shot fan effect single ignition (single fuse) firework

Size = 450mm x 300mm x 150mm


Approx. 60 seconds.

Vertical & fan firing single ignition


90 shots

25 metres

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Aquarius Single Ignition Firework

Aquarius proved to be a great addition to the Black Cat Fireworks single ignition range last year. This 90 shot cake quickly became one of our Aquarius favourites. The effects are fired both vertically and also in quite a rapidly fired fan effect. As well as the expected starburst effects you'll also find the popular (but quite rare) wriggling fish effect.

Black Cat has built a reputation for offering fireworks that stand out from the crowd due to their unusual colours and effects and certainly that is what you get with Aquarius. The duration is around a minute so Aquarius could be used on its own for a celebration such as New Year, a wedding or birthday etc but equally, it will be ideal in a large display and will offer a contrast to many other fireworks.

  • David & Sally's opinion - Aquarius features the wriggling fish effect several times through this display, this is a lovely quiet effect and is a great contrast to the starburst effects. The colours in Aquarius are quite vivid and all the shots are fired at a good pace.
  • Wide variety of colours and effects with 90 shots in total.
  • Good rate of fire for a fan effect cake with a nice balance between duration and spectacle.
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