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4 Dimension Rocket Pack

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4 Dimension Rocket Pack

£99.99 £139.99
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£99.99 £139.99

4 Dimension Rocket Pack by Brothers Pyrotechnics.

Contains four giant rockets.

Size = 80mm diameter (rocket head) x 1500mm (including stick)


Approx. 5 seconds each

Shellburst rockets. 



25 metres

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4 Dimension Rocket Pack

4 Dimension is a rocket pack by Brothers Pyrotechnics. The 4 Dimension rocket pack contains as the name would suggest four giant rockets, this pack from Brothers though contains four assorted effect rockets rather than their Marvellous Rocket Pack which just contains King Rockets. In the 4 Dimension pack you get one of the King Rockets which has the hanging gold star effect, one of the Sorcerer rockets which has a large burst of purple and gold stars, one Sky Thriller rocket which produces twinkling red stars at the ends of its burst and finally a Special Ring rocket, the clue being again in the name, this rocket produces an expanding ring of stars.

The 4 Dimension Rocket Pack comes in a pro mesh carton. What does this mean then; it means that you get powerful high-performance rockets but without any of the storage issues that would normally affect a firework of this type.

    • David & Sally's opinion - Brother's Pyrotechnics 4th Dimension pack has a number of imitations, but this original and still the best,
    • Four giant shellburst rockets.
    • Nice variety of effects including 1 x King rocket.
    • Pyromeshed packaging.

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