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Our main Fireworks Suppliers

Jordans Fireworks.

Our years of experience in selling fireworks has led us to source our own range of speciality fireworks. With the demise in recent years of some large importers in the UK, we have found several gaps that exist in current importers product ranges. Therefore we had produced for us several items to fill those gaps. Concentrating on only premium effects we have produced a range of fireworks that create the effects we require rather than working on a price-driven strategy. However, by sourcing directly from the factories in China the resulting price has been much lower than it would have been had we bought the product from a UK importer.

Standard Fireworks.

Britain's oldest firework company. Standard Fireworks was the brainchild of Yorkshire draper James Greenhalgh. Established in 1891, Standard Fireworks moved to its Crosland Hill site in Huddersfield in 1910 where it now covers over 100 acres. Standard specialises in fireworks with a good mix of colours & effects aimed at family entertainment.

Black Cat Fireworks.

Black Cat was one of the first companies to introduce Chinese fireworks to the British public.
In 1998 they purchased Standard Fireworks and moved to Standard's Huddersfield site.
Black Cat has remained at the forefront of display firework development, their products are distinctively different than many products on the UK market. Black Cat specialises in larger display quality fireworks with unusual effects.

Men Shun Fireworks.

Menshun Fireworks is one of the world's largest suppliers of consumer pyrotechnics. They have been making fireworks for generations and have recently moved to a new purpose-built factory occupying 800 acres in Hunan China.
Their employees have been making fireworks for generations and are proud to bring you direct access to some of the world's highest quality pyrotechnics. Men Shun is renowned for their outstanding value for money and specialises in larger display quality fireworks. Men Shun closed down in the Spring of 2009 and several of their employees now work for the new Cosmic Fireworks (UK) Ltd.

Kimbolton Fireworks

Although today Kimbolton Fireworks is the market leader in firework production and operator fired displays, the company started from humble beginnings. Founded in 1964, the company founder, Reverend Ron Lancaster had a fascination for fireworks and chemistry from his very early years growing up in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire.

This historical centre of the UK fireworks industry saw Ron experimenting with pyrotechnic devices and helping to organise displays for the local community during the Second World War, at a time when fireworks were not available. In later years Ron was appointed as Chaplain and taught chemistry at Kimbolton School in Cambridgeshire where his passion for fireworks grew and he carried out extensive research for the firework industry from his newly constructed workshops.

As the reputation of the Reverend Lancaster's fireworks and displays grew, Kimbolton Fireworks Ltd was formed. Kimbolton Fireworks remains at the core, a family owned business with a commitment to deliver the highest quality products and service, currently occupying a large modern purpose built factory, just outside the village of Kimbolton. Kimbolton specialises in high quality large & small fireworks and has won many awards for them.

Royal Party Fireworks.

Royal Party Fireworks import high-quality fireworks into the UK. We have trialled their products for a couple of years to ensure that they are able to supply the fireworks we require. Now that we have built up a good working relationship with Royal Party Fireworks we are able to negotiate large discounts that we can pass on to our customers.

Vulcan/Shogun (Inter Oriental Fireworks)

The SHOGUN brand of fireworks was first introduced to the US market in 1998 by Inter-Oriental Fireworks
(established in 1974). Over the years, Shogun has become a brand that is known for its reliability, quality and innovation.
What initially began as a range of popular generic Chinese fireworks resurrected with better design, packaging and improved performance, has now evolved into one of China's most respected brands. Vulcan/Shogun are renowned for the high quality of their barrages.

Brightsky Fireworks.

Brightsky Fireworks are fronted up by Graeme Duncan. Graeme has many years of experience in the firework industry and has made many contacts with Chinese manufacturers over that time to ensure that his range is of particularly good quality. Brightsky Fireworks is very much a hands-on company and we get very much personal attention right from the initial order to the delivery. Brightsky Fireworks have also handled many of our own brand fireworks and their relationship with the factories in China has resulted in us getting some quite exceptional fireworks and with no middleman being involved the price of those fireworks has always been less than other products available in the UK market.

Brothers Pyrotechnics.

Brothers Pyrotechnics (UK) Ltd. is a member of the Brothers International Group. They are part of a growing international presence of the Brothers brand which originated in Beihai China in 1995. Brothers (UK) was established in 2006 to strengthen the brand in the UK. Brothers International Group is a leading manufacturer, exporter and distributor of consumer fireworks.
From a lone Chinese entity they have grown through strategic acquisitions and partnerships to become a global group of companies; the parent company in Beihai with subsidiaries and partners in China, Japan and Europe. Brothers specialise in top quality effects in their fireworks.

Absolute Fireworks.

A well-established supplier to our extensive range of fireworks. Absolute Fireworks have several products conforming to the new European regulations and hence have a range of spectacular garden fireworks tested for a viewing distance of 8m. Absolute's mesh boxing is probably the finest available and is certainly a lot easier to open than many. They have introduced a folding stick on their large rockets which means that they do not take up as much space in storage.

Fireworks International.

Fireworks International has grown to be one of our major suppliers of fireworks. They have many unique products in their range and they are one of the few suppliers of large rockets. Their introduction of the Pyromesh packaging system has enabled them to supply products that other companies are unable to. Fireworks International produce a range of bespoke large rocket packs ensuring that we are at the forefront of firework suppliers to the display organiser.

Cosmic Fireworks.

Following the closing down of Men Shun Fireworks in Spring 2009 many of their employees went to work for the new Cosmic Fireworks (UK) Ltd (which took over from the old Cosmic Group). Their brands include ASTRA, GOLDEN LION, FLASH and NG (Next Generation). With the restructuring of the company in 2009 we have found them to be more adaptable to our needs and are now able to produce packs to our specific requirements and the influence of the ex Men Shun staff has resulted in some great deals that we have been able to pass on.

Benwell Fireworks.

New to Jordans Fireworks in 2014 were Benwell Fireworks. We are testing several of their fireworks and also testing their supply chain to ensure that they meet our demanding criteria. You will see several of their fireworks in our 2014 range. Benwell Fireworks have employed the services of several well-known figures from the firework trade so we are hoping for great things from them.

Jorge Fireworks

Our new supplier in 2015. We have been watching carefully the various European based companies who can now sell their CE tested products anywhere in the EEC and have decided to include the fireworks from Jorge of Poland. We felt that they offered something different compared to products currently available in the UK. You will notice the large bursts and the louder bangs in their fireworks but there also some incredibly pretty fireworks in their range as well. Jorge fireworks are being imported into the UK by 1st Galaxy Fireworks who have been in the firework trade for many years, like ourselves and hence we are fully confident in their ability to maintain a good supply chain.

Star Jigsaw Fireworks

We introduced a few lines from Star Jigsaw Fireworks in 2015. As always we like to test the water with a supplier to check that they can do what they say regarding product quality and availability before making their products widely available so that we do not let any customers down. Star Jigsaw Fireworks is fronted by Dave Sayers. We go back many years with Dave, right back to when he was with Standard Fireworks sales manager. At that time we were having Standard Fireworks make some of our packs for us at their Huddersfield factory and we'd meet up in the boardroom on a Friday for fish & chips. 

The first few products we had from Star Jigsaw Fireworks proved a great success (particularly their rockets) so you'll see more of their products in our range this year.


Zeus Fireworks

Zeus Fireworks is a new addition to our range of firework suppliers. Although the name Zeus Fireworks may be new to you the owners have been like ourselves involved in the firework trade for many years and have brought there years of experience into the new range of quality fireworks. One thing you will notice with Zeus Fireworks is that you won't see them with many 'special offer' discounts. Zeus Fireworks is a premium brand and have priced their fireworks right from the start at a very competitive price compared to other manufacturers. So don't worry if you only see a  couple of pounds off the retail price, the price you pay will be great value for money.


jonathon's fireworks


Jonathan's Fireworks are our new range for 2018. We've known Jonathon for many years but with the demise of Fireworks International, we required a good range of selection boxes suitable for family back garden firework parties and Jonathon's Fireworks have a nice range of selection boxes concentrating on quality rather than quantity. Jonathan's Fireworks have also introduced Gender Reveal Fireworks so you will be able to buy either a pink or blue firework for your Gender Reveal party.



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