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Zeus Fireworks is a new addition to our range of firework suppliers.

Although the name Zeus Fireworks may be new to you, the owners have been like ourselves involved in the firework trade for many years and have brought their years of experience into the new range of quality fireworks.

As a UK company, they have close involvement with the British Firework Association, British Pyrotechnists Association and the Explosive Industry Group.

One thing you will notice with Zeus Fireworks is that you won't see them with many 'special offer' discounts. Zeus Fireworks is a premium brand and have priced their fireworks right from the start at a very competitive price compared to other manufacturers. So don't worry if you only see a couple of pounds off the retail price, the price you pay will be great value for money.

Zeus Fireworks’ vast range of premium quality consumer fireworks includes stunning single ignition barrages, mines, Roman candles and cake packs.


£30.00 £24.99
£35.00 £29.99
new in
£35.00 £29.99
new in
£40.00 £34.99
Twist & Shout
new in
£60.00 £49.99


Frontline Fire
new in
£90.00 £79.99


Zeus Retribution Compound Firework
free delivery
£349.00 £299.00

Reign of Fire

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