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Rocket fireworks form the centre piece of many firework displays. They are a popular choice for a host of events including weddings, new year celebrations and small parties. The whoosh of the rocket motor culminating in an explosion of stars are for many the most spectacular fireworks.

Size of rocket fireworks

First of all do not be fooled by how big the rocket looks. The old saying ‘never judge a book by its cover’ could not be more true for rockets. There are size limitations as to how big a rocket can be but rockets produce by far the largest single burst of any firework available to the public.

There are two distinct types of rockets that any firework enthusiast needs to be aware of to avoid disappointment. On the instructions label you will see whether the rocket is a garden firework or a display firework. It’s worth remembering that the performance of garden firework rockets is impacted by the quantity and type of powder that the rocket can contain.

Spectacular rocket displays

The most popular effect is the one that fills the sky with hundreds of golden stars that cascade towards the ground, an effect that is used at many professional displays. At Jordans Fireworks, we source the best rockets available and some of our garden firework rockets outperform manufacturers with much larger rockets.

Our largest rockets produce the most dramatic bursts but even our smallest looking display rockets will produce a loud bang and a significant effect, with a wide variety of colours and effects.

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