Anniversary and Birthday Fireworks

Fireworks for birthday and anniversary parties

Anniversary and Birthday Fireworks

To make it a party to remember, why not celebrate the occasion with a great selection of fireworks for a special anniversary or birthday firework display?

At Jordans Fireworks, we sell fireworks all-year round and stock a wonderful array of products that will be perfect for both an anniversary firework display and a birthday firework display.

 To assist you in putting together your firework display, we have put together a number of suitable products below which will result in a spectacular firework display which requires minimal setup.  If you’re after something a little more specific however, we are always happy to discuss your requirements and put together a firework display especially for you, why not call us on 01926 421 330 to find out more.

Each and every firework in our birthday and anniversary firework range has been designed to leave a lasting impression on your guests and make your party one to remember. In addition to this, all of the fireworks are suitable for letting off yourself without the need for any special training. However, if you are looking for some pointers, you may wish to watch some of our videos about setting up and letting off fireworks.

If you are letting the fireworks off in your own or a friends garden it is a good idea to let neighbours know, giving them the firing time and the approximate durationIf you are having your party at a venue i.e. hotel, make sure in advance that they will allow you to have fireworks.

Single Ignition Firework Display Boxes

Single ignition fireworks literally do what they say on the box, for a fantastic aerial display all you need to do is light one fuse.

Requiring little preparation, these fireworks simply need to be placed on flat ground and lit, in return they will provide you with a mid-aerial firework display with many changes of colours and effects. 

The duration of the display produced from a single ignition firework display box will vary from firework to firework but generally they last between one to three minutes. The price of these fireworks range from £50 up to £200.

As we stock a wide variety of single ignition fireworks, you can easily choose several display packs and fire them in succession without duplicating the effects of the previous firework.

Making them the perfect anniversary fireworks, many of our display packs contain gold or silver effects.


An excellent choice if you have plenty of space at your venue for your firework display, rockets have the wonderful ability to create a very special and memorable atmosphere with one giant explosion in the sky.

If choosing rockets, ensure you have plenty of room for the rocket stick to land in as they can be quite large (about a metre long). If you intend to hold your firework display in a built-up area we suggest choosing single ignition fireworks instead as they have minimal fallout from them.

Remotely Controlled  Firing.

Whilst all of our anniversary and birthday fireworks are suitable for hand firing (you will find our portfire firework lighters are very good for lighting fireworks), we also have a number of remote controlled firing options available which will leave you and your guests to enjoy yourselves.

Our Pulse Remote Control firing system is ideal for an anniversary or birthday firework display. The basic starter set will fire up to four fireworks and can be easily expanded if you need to fire more.

Setting up the system is simple and will require a Cat5 cable.  You may well have this type of cable at home as they are commonly used with computers. If not, don't worry we stock cables that we have tested to ensure that they work with our Pulse remote firing sets. 

Sparklers & Ice Fountains

Add some extra sparkle to you party with our Ice Fountains and Sparklers. Ice Fountains are an indoor firework that you can put ona cake (and still eat the cake afterwards). They are easy to light, produce a sparkle about 6" long and last for around a minute. If you are having sparklers, remember that the longer lasting ones are for outdoor use only.

Chinese Lanterns

Chinese lanterns have been released for thousands of years and are traditionally associated with good luck and prosperity. It is this association that makes them the perfect addition to a party celebrating another year.

At Jordans Fireworks, we supply only the highest quality Chinese lanterns. Our lanterns are wire free, made from high quality flame retardant paper and are 100% biodegradable. Easy to light, they have a non-drip fuel cell and will provide you with 15 minutes of serene flight.

Personalised Fireworks

To add that special touch to your party, given a little time, we can also make personalised fireworks for your firework display.

Providing a wonderful way to finish your display, we are able to create fireworks displaying an age or a name. Please note that personalised fireworks are not available for you to let off yourself, they can only be used by professional firework operators. We can incorporate a personalised firework into a professionally fired display, budgets start at £1000 plus vat.

Please note, you will need to allow at least one month for this type of firework to be made from January to August and at least two months from September to December. As October and November are our busiest months, we advise you to order well in advance if you need a personalised firework for this time of year. 

Final checklist

  • 1 - If you are holding the party at a venue, ensure they allow fireworks
  • 2 - Check the safety distance between the fireworks and the spectators 
  • 3 - Ensure you are buying fireworks with the correct minimum safety distance (either 8m or 25m)
  • 4 - Order your fireworks well in advance of your party.
  • 5 - Check your fireworks on arrival.
  • 6 - Make sure the person letting off the fireworks is familiar with them.
  • 7 - Set the fireworks up with plenty of time to spare.
  • 8 - If it is likely to rain, be sure to waterproof the fireworks
  • 9 - Check the wind direction prior to letting off the fireworks and move them further back if required
  • 10 - Make sure the person letting off the fireworks does not drink alcohol beforehand
  • 11 -  Remember you can let your fireworks all year round, but you must be finished by 11pm (except on Bonfire Night, New Year, Diwali & Chinese New Year)  


Much appreciated the firing order list and the help given over the phone in choosing the particular fireworks for this 50th anniversary celebration display.

Jean L. London

Hi Folks, I came in a few weeks ago to buy some single ignition for a friends birthday party. You were very kind and helpful and provided us with all the advice and reassurance required. Just to let you know the party went really well and the display was the highlight of the night! It made it so much easier than setting up lots of individual rockets and got a really positive reaction from the crowd. So much so that they were chanting Gandalf after the finale! But best of all I didn't set alight to my beard. I'll be sure to recommend your shop to anyone else who asks, thanks again, and good luck with the website.

All the best Owen.