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Frequently Asked Questions


We have listed below the most popular questions we get asked and in the cases of setting up & lighting fireworks we are making videos that explain things even better, these will be uploaded as soon as they are ready so keep checking back on this page for more tutorial videos. If your question is not on this page then please contact us and one of our knowledgeable staff will be able to assist you.

Can I fire fireworks in wet weather?

Remember when preparing your fireworks for wet weather.

  • Put a sticker under the fuse so you can find it in the dark.
  • Wrap the firework well with clear cling film.


How do I set up a rocket ready for firing?

Remember when setting up your rockets.

  • Make sure the fuse cover comes off easily
  • Make sure the rocket stick does not bind in the launching tube.


Who can buy fireworks? - Indoor Fireworks (category 1), Garden Fireworks (Category 2) and Display Fireworks (Category 3) can be purchased by adults over 18 years of age. It is illegal to sell fireworks to anyone under the age of eighteen and it is illegal for under 18's to posses fireworks in a public place. Professional Fireworks (Category 4) are only available to firework professionals.

When can you buy fireworks? - You can buy fireworks all year round from specially licensed suppliers such as ourselves. Click here for our opening hours.

Where can I let off fireworks? - You can let off fireworks;on your own property (or someone else's property, provided that they have given you permission to do so) but you cannot let fireworks off in a public place (park etc).

When can I let off fireworks? - You can let off fireworks any day of the year but not after 11.00pm or before 7.00am with the following exceptions:-

* Until 1.00am following the first day of Chinese New Year.
* Until midnight on Nov. 5th.
* Until 1.00am on the day following Diwali Day.
* Until 1.00am on the day following Dec. 31st.

Who do I need to tell? - It is common courtesy to inform neighbours, owners of animals, elderly residential homes etc. A note explaining the date and time of the display and an approximate duration is a good idea. A letter to the police, fire service and the coast guards/local airport (if applicable) particularly when the display is not during the main seasons is also beneficial.

Can I fire fireworks by remote control?

Remember when using the Pulse remote firings system.

  • You must use a copper wire Cat5 cable (not included).
  • You will need an Alkaline battery (not included).


How do I set up 'cake' style fireworks?

Remember when using cake style fireworks.

  • Ensure that the firework cannot fall over.
  • Identify where the fuse is and release it.


How much space do I need to let off fireworks? - Garden Fireworks (Category 2) require a minimum viewing distance of 8m. Display Fireworks (Category 3) require a minimum viewing distance of 25m. The distances quoted are the minimum viewing distances.

You should also be aware of overhead obstructions such as trees, cables etc, some fireworks produce fan shaped displays and that should be taken into consideration when purchasing fireworks for your event.

What about insurance? - first check whether your existing insurance either covers you for a firework display or can be extended to include one. If not then contact Insurance Experts Ltd Tel. 01245 500433, please mention us when contacting them.

When are you open? - we are open all year round, our normal opening hours are Mon - Fri 8.30am - 5.30pm and Sat 9.00am - 5.15pm. During October and early November we are also open on Sundays 11.00am - 5.00pm. Please phone (01926) 421330 to confirm which Sundays we will be open before travelling.

How do I find you? - we are centrally located in Leamington Spa, only 2 miles from M40 J13, 14 & 15. Click here for a map and our contact details.

Here are some useful downloads about organising firework displays.

A guide for organisers for 'Safe & Succesfull Firework Displays' (pdf)

Fireworks Safety Leaflet (pdf)

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