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Sparklers and indoor fireworks

Everyone loves sparklers. They are one of the most popular types of fireworks sold. They are great at bonfire parties but also very popular for weddings, birthdays and anniversaries, we even have small indoor sparklers to go on top of cakes or in drinks. The most popular sparklers are the gold ones, they come in two main lengths, either 12” or 18” long. The gold sparklers give off the ‘best sparkle’. Coloured sparklers are also available but they do not give off as much sparkle as the golden ones and do create more smoke, so by all means have some coloured sparklers as a variation but make sure you have plenty of the traditional golden ones.

Whether you are young or old you can still write your name in the sky with a sparkler and whilst they may be great fun we do not want you to have any accidents with your sparklers so please read the following. It is hard to believe but more firework accidents happen with sparklers than any other type of firework. Sparklers should not be given to children under 5 (look at our glow sticks and lightropes as an alternative to sparklers for very young children). Always use gloves when holding sparklers. Only light sparklers one at a time. Have a bucket of water ready to drop spent sparklers in to, many accidents happen with sparklers because someone drops a spent sparkler on the ground and someone else (often a child) picks it up but it can still be red hot and hence burn your hand. Follow these rules and enjoy your sparklers.

Please note; unless otherwise specified Sparklers are for outdoor use only. Gold sparklers tend to produce 'more sparkle' rather than the coloured variety which can be a little smokey.

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  • Mystical Fire

    Mystical Fire x 1

    Mystical Fire x 1 15/20 mins. N/A 0/10 ...
  • Indoor sparklers

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    Indoor Sparklers (x 10)

    Indoor Sparklers 15 secs. (each) aprox. Indoor firewor...
  • Star Sparklers

    Star Shaped Sparklers

    3 star shaped sparklers 400mm long. Approx 60 seconds each. ...

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