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Display Packs

If you are looking for a firework display lasting around 20 minutes to entertain family, friends or for an organised event then one of our Complete Display Packs is what you require. We carefully select the fireworks that go in to our display packs to ensure that they compliment one another.

We make our up packs based on the quality of the display that the fireworks will produce rather than the quantity of fireworks in the pack or the number of shots they those fireworks produce. It can be sometimes difficult for the general public to comprehend the difference with our displays until they have seen one but it is quite simple; for instance for an organised event, would you prefer to have ten poor performing low level fireworks or one large firework that will produce a spectacular aerial display? Likewise, would you prefer a firework that fires 100’s of small stars that just fizzle out or a firework that fires 50 stars that burst with huge sky filling effects? You can see straight away that quantity is not everything. People get bored and frustrated with poor fireworks but remember and enjoy good fireworks.

Full Blown Firework Finale's

The choice of fireworks to go in to a Display Pack is only one part of the equation. If you use your best fireworks first your finale will be a bit of an anti-climax. With our Larger Complete Display Packs (those over £100) we also include a set up plan and firing order. We show you how and where to place your fireworks and how to let them off.

Also growing in popularity, particularly for New Year’s Eve, birthday parties and weddings are our short spectacular displays. These packs contain a small number of large rockets plus a small number of single ignition fireworks. These fireworks give you the most spectacular displays and are ideal for ending an event with.

Jordan Fireworks Reviews

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  • Spellbound Firework Selection

    RRP: £19.99

    Special Price £14.99

    Spellbound Selection Box

    Cyclone Box A garden assortment box of 16 fireworks.   Box Siz...
  • Ruby Selection Box

    Ruby Selection Box

    Ruby Selection Box A garden assortment box of 20 fireworks. ...
  • Pearl Selection Box

    Pearl Selection Box

    Pearl Selection Box. 15 assorted size good garden fireworks with a mi...
  • Daredevil Barrage Pack

    RRP: £119.99

    Special Price £79.99

    Daredevil Barrage Pack

    Daredevil Barrage Pack Contains 8 aerial barrage type fireworks. ...
  • Beat Thy Neighbour

    RRP: £149.99

    Special Price £99.98

    Beat Thy Neighbour Display Kit

    Beat Thy Neighbour Display Kit by Brothers Pyrotechnics. 106 shot fir...
  • Grand Slam

    RRP: £339.98

    Special Price £249.98

    Grand Slam Display Kit

    Grand Slam Firework Display Kit by Brothers Pyrotechnics. 306 shot fi...
  • Apollo Firework Display Pack

    RRP: £460.00

    Special Price £299.00

    Apollo Display

    Apollo Display Pack 9 rockets, 10 barrages & 3 single ignition fi...
  • Columbia Display Pack

    RRP: £675.00

    Special Price £399.00

    Columbia Display

    Columbia Display Pack (Awaiting new picture). 13 rockets, 14 aeri...
  • Voyager Display

    RRP: £769.99

    Special Price £499.00

    Voyager Display

    Voyager New contents for 2016 13 rockets, 17 aerial barrages & 2...

9 Item(s)

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