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Absolute Fireworks Neon Nites (low noise)

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Absolute Fireworks Neon Nites (low noise)

£54.99 £64.99
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£54.99 £64.99

Neon Nites 100 shot low noise aerial display.

Size = 250mm x 260mm x 140mm


Approx. 50 seconds each.

Vertical firing barrage.


100 shots

25 metres

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Neon Nites 100 shot low noise display

Neon Nites is a 100 shot aerial firework produced by Absolute Fireworks in response to the demand for single ignition style fireworks with a lower noise level but that still produce an entertaining display. Neon Nites fires the three best low noise effects; wriggling fish effects, cascading coloured falling leaf effects and for the finale golden horse tail shaped bursts.

Neon Nites has a duration of around 50 seconds and does have a minimum viewing distance of 25m and we feel it would make a nice contrast to noisier fireworks in a large display.

    • David & Sally's opinion - A big firework with a very low noise level.
    • 100 shots fired over 50 seconds.
    • Quiet but entertaining effects.

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