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Hot Shots/Carnival Missile Cake

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Hot Shots/Carnival Missile Cake

£5.99 £7.99
In Stock -
£5.99 £7.99

Hot Shots by Standard Fireworks. 

A 100 shot whistling mini-missile cake.

Size = 110mm x 110mm x 75mm.


Approx. 30 seconds.

Vertical firing aerial barrage.


100 shots.

8 metres

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Hot Shots/Carnival 100 shot missile cake by Standard Fireworks

Hot shots/Carnival is a 100 shot missile cake by Standard Fireworks. The mini-missiles are little whistling torpedoes that also have a crackle. The key element with this type of firework is that they fire their shots at a fast pace; Hot Shots/Carnival fires its 100 shots in about 30 seconds! Hot Shots/Carnival gives you an alternative type of aerial firework compared to most of the colour burst cake firework so is an ideal addition to a small/medium sized mixed firework display.

Standard Fireworks have produced Hots Shots/Carnival as a garden firework and it can, therefore, be viewed from a minimum distance of 8m.

Hot Shots & Carnival are the same firework and the name that appears on the label depends on the batch we receive.

    • David & Sally's opinion - You get a lot of shots for your money; if you like whistles Hot Shots/Carnival is for you.
    • Rapid firing whistling and crackling barrage.
    • Minimum viewing distance = 8m.


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