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El Dorado/Enigma

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El Dorado/Enigma

£68.99 £84.00
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£68.99 £84.00

El Dorado by Jorge Fireworks 49 shot aerial display firework

Size = 250mm x 250mm x 280mm


Approx. 40 seconds.

Vertical firing aerial barrage.


49 shots

25 metres

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El Dorado/Enigma 49 shot by Jorge Fireworks

El Dorado and Enigma are in fact the same firework but we can have deliveries through the year from Jorge Fireworks with either one or the other name on the wrapper. Our latest delivery is labelled El Dorado. El Dorado is a 49 shot large burst aerial barrage by Jorge Fireworks and fires all its shots vertically over a 40 second duration.

The effect in El Dorado is a gold willow shaped burst, however, all of the training stars change into glittering stars giving a nice variation to this style of firework.

We cannot emphasise enough the power of this firework and the size of the bursts, it contains 980g of powder which is close to the limit for a single consumer firework and is as much as some fireworks we see that appear to be much larger.

    • David & Sally's opinion - A nice variation on a popular style of effect.
    • Huge willow shaped bursts.
    • Multi finale shot.
    • Minimum viewing distance = 25m.


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