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Doomsday 500 shot Firework

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Doomsday 500 shot Firework

£49.99 £89.99
In Stock -
£49.99 £89.99

Doomsday 500 shot rapid firing cake style firework. We also have a multi-buy discount for this product:

Size = 400mm (diameter) x 100mm high.


Approx. 65 seconds.

Vertical firing aerial barrage.


500 shots

25 metres

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Doomsday 500 shot Firework

Doomsday is a 500 shot rapid firing barrage style firework by Absolute Fireworks and is imported into the UK under their Taipan Fireworks brand name. Most of the 500 shot cakes just take too long to fire their shots, but we feel that Doomsday has got the balance just right with plenty of red and green stars whistles and crackles being fired in the first 50 seconds. After this initial flurry, the display continues with larger starburst explosions.

We also have a multi-buy discount for this product: - click here to buy 3 for £135.00

We can't remember how many variations of this type of fireworks we looked at but we feel that Absolute Firework's Doomsday is currently the best one available.

    • David & Sally's opinion - We looked at many of this type of firework before deciding on Doomsday and feel this is the best firework of its type on the market.
    • Rapidly fires 500 shots vertically.
    • Larger bursts for the end of the display.
    • Duration of around a minute.

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