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Black Cat Mixed Cake Pack

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Black Cat Mixed Cake Pack

£29.99 £44.98
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£29.99 £44.98

Black Cat Mixed Cake Pack (3 x 12 shot cakes).

Size = 175mm x 105mm x 200mm(each).


Approx. 25 seconds (each).

Vertical firing barrages.


36 shots in total.

8 metres

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Mixed Cake Pack

New from Black Cat Fireworks is this selection of three 12 shot cakes suitable for a back garden display (minimum viewing distance = 8m). First of all where did the name cakes come from in respect to fireworks? Well when this style of firework was first introduced they tended to be round in shape , about 10"/250mm in diameter & 4"/100mm tall and wrapped in colourful paper. They looked in fact just like a cake. These days the term cake is used for all of this type of firework regardless of its shape and size. The cake style of firework is made up of a series of tubes that are linked together with fuse. You light the exposed fuse at one end of the firework and the shots are then fired from the tubes in sequence.

Each of these Black Cat cakes lasts 25 seconds, each one is different and each fires 12 large shots.

    • David & Sally's opinion - We always like the fireworks from Black Cat because they offer different colours and effects to so many of the other fireworks on the market. These 3 cakes are an ideal add on to a garden display.
    • Minimum viewing distance only 8m.
    • All vertical firing.

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