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Garden Fireworks

You may not have sufficient room to let off our display fireworks, which require a minimum viewing distance of at least 25m, or you may wish to entertain young children with some small quiet pretty fireworks, either way, our garden fireworks are the ideal fireworks for you. Our garden fireworks currently come with the minimum viewing distances marked on their labels. Many will be labelled as 8m minimum viewing distance, however, some manufacturers have increased that distance to 15m, so do check on your actual firework labels.

Our Garden Fireworks Research

Over the years we have spent many hours testing garden fireworks to ensure we have the best ones available for your garden party.

Our smaller assorted garden firework packs contain an assortment of fountains, roman candles, Catherine wheels and in many cases rockets. These packs will provide you with around 10 to 15 minutes worth of entertainment and tend to produce lower level, quieter displays. Our larger assorted garden firework packs have more emphasis on aerial fireworks and will contain more rockets and multi-shot aerial barrages.

For those people who want the largest garden fireworks available, we have a range of barrage packs and individual garden fireworks. These fireworks will produce displays comparable to larger display fireworks but will have been tested to be viewed safely at the shorter distances. Large Catherine wheels and fountains suitable for use in a garden are also available to buy individually, so with our range of the best garden fireworks available you can put on a spectacular show even in your back garden.

Jordan Fireworks Reviews

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  1. Hercules mini

    Hercules (Mini).

    Hercules ( mini ) by Brothers Pyrotechnics.

    We also have a multi-buy discount for this product: - click here to buy 4 for £150

    Size = 130mm x 130mm x 100mm

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    RRP: £59.99

    Special Price £44.99

  2. Rocky Road Firework

    Absolute Fireworks Rocky Road

    Rocky Road 75 shot by Absolute Fireworks.

    A garden finale firework.

    Size = 375mm x 125mm x 165mm.

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    RRP: £49.99

    Special Price £44.99

  3. Zeus Roman Candles

    Zeus Roman Candle Asst 1

    Zeus Roman Candle assortment 1.

    (1 x Red, 1 x blue, 1 x green & 1 x purple 175 shot roman candles).

    Low noise aerial barrages.

    Size = 560mm long x 60mm diameter (each).

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    RRP: £55.99

    Special Price £44.99

  4. Jacob's Ladder.

    Jacob's Ladder.

    Jacob's Ladder

    A 72 shot 'rapid fire' spiral effect firework.

    Size = 252mm diameter x 173mm tall.

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    RRP: £59.99

    Special Price £44.99

  5. Zeus Roman Candles

    Zeus Roman Candle Asst 2

    Zeus Roman Candle assortment 2

    (1 x multi-colour stars, 1 x Brocade parade, 1 x Crackling stars & 1 x Brocade with red, blue & purple tips).

    Low noise aerial barrages.

    Size = 3 @ 560mm tall x 60mm diameter & 1 @ 400mm tall x 70mm diameter..

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    RRP: £58.99

    Special Price £46.00

  6. Gala Firework selection Box.

    Gala Selection Box

    Gala Selection Box by Jonathan's Fireworks.

    A garden display assortment.

    Size = 285mm x 605mm x 100mm (box)

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  7. Surprise and New World

    Surprise and New World

    Surprise & New World

    A mixed pack of two 50 shot cakes.

    Size = 250mm x 125mm x 175mm (each)

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    RRP: £79.99

    Special Price £55.99

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