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Individual Large Barrages

Large individual barrages producing specific or an assortment effects are also featured on this page.

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  1. Showbox 4

    Showbox 4 (Buy NOW & get an extra 10% off our price)

    Buy Showbox 4 by Jorge Fireworks NOW & get it for £94.50

    116 shot single ignition (single fuse) firework.

    Size = 380mm x 280mm x 150mm.

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    RRP: £129.00

    Special Price £105.00

  2. Insane and Warpath

    100 shot Insane & Warpath Twin Pack (Early Buy Deal - ends 22nd Sept). Available October

    Insane & Warpath 100 shot Aerial Barrages.

    Size = 310mm x 250mm x 175mm

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    RRP: £179.98

    Special Price £109.99

    Available Later This Year

    You can order now for delivery or collection from October.

  3. Coliseum by Zeus Fireworks

    Coliseum (Buy before 22nd Sept & Pay Only £92)

    Coliseum by Zeus Fireworks.

    EARLY BUY SPECIAL OFFER - Buy before 22nd Sept for only £92

    (Discount will be shown on checkout in the shopping cart)

    An 80 shot fan effect aerial barrage.

    Size = 460mm x 360mm x 280mm

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  4. Twisted Twins

    Twisted Twins

    Twisted Twins by Absolute Fireworks

    Two 100 shot professional style fireworks.

    Size = 277mm x 147mm x 95mm (each)

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    RRP: £149.99

    Special Price £119.99

  5. Eagles vs Seagulls

    Eagles vs Seagulls Buy 1 Get 1 FREE.

    Eagles vs Seagulls

    Buy 1 Get 1 FREE

    Size = 250mm x 250mm x 300mm (each).

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  6. Pyro Pandemonium.

    Pyro Pandemonium Compound Firework.

    Pyro Pandemonium by Black Cat Fireworks.

    A giant compound pre-fused display - just light one fuse.

    Size = 380mm x 650mm x 200mm

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    RRP: £139.99

    Special Price £119.99

6 Item(s)

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