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Remote Firing

Launch Lontrol are the market leaders in remote firing systems designed with the general public in mind. Their systems are very reliable.

The Launch Kontrol Pulse system is the latest version and is easily affordable for the firework enthusiast wishing to add a professional touch to their displays. Unlike the wireless system the Launch Kontrol Pulse is connected by wire to the fireworks. An extension lead can be fitted to the system allowing it to be used up to 75ft away from the fireworks. The big advantage the Pulse system has over the wireless system is that several of the units can be joined together thereby increasing the number of fireworks that can be fired one after each other. The basic set will fire 4 fireworks but you can join say 5 sets together allowing you to fire 20 fireworks one after each other.

The wireless Launch Kontrol system is ideal for firing up to 5 fireworks. For instance five single ignition style fireworks can be connected to a wireless Launch Kontrol set and fired one after each other and would produce a display lasting around 5 to 10 minutes without any breaks. Alternatively you can fire all the fireworks as quickly as you wish. How the system works is very simple; plug the fuse ignitors wires in to the receiver, connect each of the fuse connect wires to a firework, switch on the transmitter and the receiver and follow the simple set up procedure which involves just pressing one button and you are then ready to fire your fireworks. Each time you press the fire button a firework is lit. The basic starter set comes with a total of 15 fuse ignitors. Stock is now limited on the wireless system as it has been superseded by Launch Kontrol Pulse.

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  1. Launch Kontrol Pulse 4 way cable

    Launch Kontrol Pulse 4 way cable

    Launch Kontrol Pulse 4 way cable.

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  2. Launch Kontrol e=clips fuse Clips

    Launch Kontrol Pulse E-Clips fuse igniters,

    20 x Launch Kontrol Pulse e-clips fuse ignitors.

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  3. 25m Extension lead for Launch Kontrol Pulse.

    Launch Kontrol Pulse Cat5 25m extension lead,

    1 x 25m Cat 5 extension lead for use with Launch Kontrol Pulse system.

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  4. Launch Kontrol Pulse remote firining

    Launch Kontrol Pulse Remote Firing System

    Launch Kontrol Pulse Remote Firing Set.

    1 x Firing board, 4 x fuse clips, 4 way cable to connect to fuse clips & lead to connect to an additional unit.

    Please note: you will require a 9v Alkaline battery and suitable length copper based cat5 cable to operate the system.

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